Juxtaposition Arts Q&A with Roger Cummings

MINNPOST and Watson-Forsberg

We are grateful for the exciting opportunity to work with Juxtaposition Arts as we help fulfill the needs of this Black-led arts education nonprofit which was founded in 1995. In this Q&A with Roger Cummings, one of the co-founders and current Chief Cultural Producer of JXTA, we hear more about the organization and how it was started, how it grew to be what it is today, the effects on the organization because of COVID, Roger’s feelings of what it’s like to have actually broken ground and what he’s most looking forward to about this new building. It is evident that Roger is focused on bettering the community through all that will be done in this building: “I am looking forward to creating more pipelines to manufacturing, innovation, human-centered design, and art education workforce development. We can employ more people, we can train more people, we can get more people into that STEM pipeline and the entrepreneurial pipeline.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE