Construction Services: Turning Your Vision into Reality

We focus on your vision for the project and use a four-step approach to make it reality.

A Different Approach to Construction

Watson-Forsberg’s listen first approach helps us sync up with your goals and provide relevant advice. We want to know what’s driving you and how this project will further your mission. We’re not just worried about numbers and specs, we want to create something of real value. Our process helps us do just that.

Delivering on Our Service in Four Steps

  1. Understand: To better understand your goals we’ll carefully listen, ask probing questions, and review your project documents. This helps us align our process with your goals and avoid obstacles along the way.
  2. Pre-Construction: Construction projects are costly, having a comprehensive plan ensures success. Before starting your project, we’ll gather bids from subcontractors, prepare schedules, create estimates, and obtain permits. Doing the prep work helps us avoid going over budget and missing deadlines.
  3. Construction: Comprehensive safety plans, weekly meetings, and up to date reporting keep us safe and on schedule. Our project supervision helps us stay aligned with your vision from conception to completion.
  4. Post-Construction: We compile all the necessary post-construction documents such as warranties, maintenance manuals, as-built drawings, and other relevant information. Then we schedule a walk-through with your team and the architect to review warranties, building systems, and equipment.

We Care About Your Success

Our approach is centered on understanding your vision and company goals. We don’t want to be an outside firm; we want to be a team member. Watson-Forsberg has your best interests in mind and will create a building you’ll be proud to put your name on.