Artist Live/Work Spaces at Northrup King

Northeaster Newspaper (Karen Kraco) and Watson-Forsberg

Long-time tenants were grateful to learn that Artspace, an arts-focused development nonprofit, was the buyer of the Northrup King Building. “This fall, Artspace presented plans for further developing the 13-acre, ten-building Northrup King site, emphasizing that the occupied spaces will stay as they are. Two buildings will be converted into 84 units of live/work housing for artists earning 30% to 60% of the Area Median Income. Each building will have 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units, gallery space and shared workspaces.” Due to the vast number of buildings, there’s much more than can be done with this space. The plans for this complex have been well thought out as there are numerous aspects to consider; the historic features of the buildings being one of them. We look forward to working with Artspace on this significant project and can’t wait to see the positive impact it has on the community.